Kali Yuga, Sublimity and Love:

Kali Yuga is supposed to be a “winter of the soul.” The greatest forgetting of the divine, but it is not a disintegration as we might think. Rather it is the embodiment of spirit in matter, on one end veiling, the other, uplifting, moving “matter” towards greater complexity. Imagine a swirling vortex, as it pours fourth into the vessel of matter, matter rises up and converges, awakens and cracks into light.

The emergent complexity of the universe is not “progress” as we might think it, but further embodiment, incarnation and awakening. A marriage of the infinite and finite, spirit as it dreams itself into matter and awakens to itself infinitely.

When time kisses the eternal, is the dance of the cosmos and the swirling of galaxies, the pooling and networking of modern minds. There is nothing separating us, time-bound souls from this infinite light. The world rests in the divine though it is veiled from us. Traditions see our secular age as horrific, as a great forgetting of spirit, but it is the opposite, it is a deeper penetration of love.

Can we recognize, as Teilhard de Chardin called it, “the spiritual power of matter?” I sympathize with the traditions that see the world as purely disintegration, but I believe even that perspective is itself a symptom of “Kali Yuga,” of being unable to discern the spiritual power behind the acts of our impoverished culture .Kali Yuga is only such when one does not recognize the spiritual potency of “matter” itself, but only sees inanimate objects in space.

Kali Yuga means an age of forgetting the divine. It does not mean that the world is any less sublime.

Modern theorists, including secular ones, see “progress” and emergence. Ancient cosmologists saw the world as change and impermanence. Can we ascend to another spot on this mountain and see same world with new eyes?. I think once we can move beyond this “sickness,” and revulsion of secularity can we begin to envision a new age.


One thought on “Kali Yuga, Sublimity and Love:

  1. As has often been said by various authorities on this matter, Tantra is the preferable spiritual path when it comes to Kali Yuga. The reason being because Tantra deals directly with the sensual stimuli of immediate experience, seeking to transmute them from mundane to sublime. It is not a religion proper, but a very personal mode of responding to the world at the most intuitive level possible.

    You bring up good points as always, a fresh perspective on an overlooked topic.

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