Graduate School on the Horizon

Come next spring, I will (hopefully) be attending Goddard College in Vermont. It’s a small accredited college that has a unique approach to teaching (1 week intensive on campus, followed by follow up “packets” sent to your professors). I’m going for an MA in Individualized Studies, with a concentration in Consciousness Studies. The application process is almost complete and I’ve just got to make sure the transcripts are in order.

Why am I doing this? The program seems very attractive to me. It allows the student to develop their own skills and explore and flesh out their ideas, while still performing in a disciplined (and demanding) environment. It takes even more responsibility to stay on track and make sure you can handle the work load. The consciousness studies program seems to be the least biased I’ve found.

Other schools like CIIS were MA candidates for me, but Goddard appears to be more open-ended about how you’d like to take your studies. The other schools seems to have more control over “molding” their students. Which is fine, but for me (or knowing my personality) I’m often too stubborn to adhere to strict rules and regulations. It got me into trouble in undergrad, but eventually I figured out a kind of middle way: take private courses in your major and bend your wayward focus into a thesis about consciousness, evolution, etc. It worked! So I’m hoping this works too.

It also seems like a great place to make connections, learn how to speak publicly, and hone my writing skills. It’s my hope that the research I do can help me develop into an established writer. A little dream of mine is writing books about consciousness, spirituality, etc. and traveling around doing talks and discussions about the subjects.

At any rate, wish me luck!


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