The Internet Age, Gaia & Ouranos

The imperial mode of being, expressed in the myth of Ouranos, is to enforce a definition of time and space onto the present, to abort all change and emergence, and to force everything into sameness: a world of McDonald’s and Coca Cola, or a world of soldiers and secret police. But in the ancient Greek myth the children of Gaia rise up together and take away the power and potency of Ouranos so that all the different gods may emerge into the light.

The children of Gaia took power away from the old Paleolithic Ouranos with the help of the new agricultural technology, the sickle of the crescent moon that was symbolic of woman’s mysteries and was used by the women in gathering wild grasses. Now, once again, the children of Gaia use a new technology against the old culture, but this time it is the aerospace and electronic technologies that take power away from the imperium of Ouranos. These new technologies of information gathering enable the gods to come out of the womb into the light. – William Irwin Thompson, Pacific Shift.


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