B. Alan Wallace Shamatha Podcast

There’s a wonderful podcast available from B. Alan Wallace. It includes over 20 lectures on Shamatha, including guided instructions. This is a very generous offering as each podcast is packed with teaching and practice. A definite resource for anyone looking for a nice guide and introduction (perhaps even more than an intro, this is nearly a month’s work of daily listening material)! For anyone interested, please check it out:

  • The podcasts appear to be taken down. Not sure if this is permanent or not. In the mean time here is the site for the full Spring 2010 retreat: “Live from Phuket!”
  • The Wiki page on Shamatha.

4 thoughts on “B. Alan Wallace Shamatha Podcast

  1. The Alan Wallace Shamatha podcast 2010 comes up on iTunes but there are no actual podcasts to download. Is there something I still need to do or is there really not yet anything there? Thanks for your help.

  2. Alan Wallace is great. One of the first times I heard about him, I believe, was on your blog when you mentioned the debate between him and Searle. Thanks for sharing this podcast – it sounds rich with information!

  3. Awesome, glad you could appreciate him. Yes I am pleasantly surprised that he is offering a wealth of his knowledge for free on the internet, not to mention hours of meditation instruction! Some folks might charge a few hundred bucks for this. Enjoy!

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