Posted in December 2010

In light of the Solstice:

Sitting alone in peace before these cliffs the full moon is heaven’s beacon the ten thousand things are all reflections the moon originally has no light wide open the spirit of itself is pure hold fast to the void realize its subtle mystery look at the moon like this this moon that is the heart’s … Continue reading

WikiLeaks, Assange and Social Order

C4chaos just made a post sharing his thoughts on WikiLeaks. I was surprised to find that Robb Smith, CEO of Integral Life, had this position on the matter: Al Qaeda just announced they’re going to use Wikileaks to exploit security weaknesses to kill innocent people. Nice. Assange is a terrorist. His defenders will argue he’s … Continue reading

Jean Gebser on Integral Consciousness

The following gems are excerpts from Feuerstein’s “Structures of Consciousness,” an overview of Jean Gebser’s theories and life’s work. It’s a nice list comparing the “postmodern” or Western psyche’s transition from its state of “deficiency” to a new, more whole state of being. It’s definitely something to print out and place on your wall: Haste … Continue reading