Posted in January 2011

Some new writing..

This was written on the Evolutionary Landscape’s twitter: Contemplative practice is not being silent for the sake of a quiet mind. It is seeing through, like a dart piecing beyond the veil. Gnosis is the “spiritual intellect.” A knowing, a being-in-truth. It’s important to remember this is at the heart of contemplation. Be you East … Continue reading

Consciousness Studies

A few days ago I received an email notifying me that I was accepted to Goddard College’s MA program! I’ll do my best to document the experience and share my studies via blogging. It’s a unique school in that you only attend Goddard’s physical location for about a week, where you work intensively with your … Continue reading

Changing sites?

In light of the new blog project, Evolutionary Landscapes, I’m considering switching this blog to Posterous. If (and when) this happens, I’ll leave a link on the front page here.