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This was written on the Evolutionary Landscape’s twitter:

Contemplative practice is not being silent for the sake of a quiet mind. It is seeing through, like a dart piecing beyond the veil. Gnosis is the “spiritual intellect.” A knowing, a being-in-truth. It’s important to remember this is at the heart of contemplation. Be you East or West in tradition, contemplation brings one to the edge of human perception and in contact with the Eternal. Many cultures have awakened to this “Original Mind,” or “Christ.” Perhaps our modern, secular civilization will awaken to it as well.

From the perspective of this larger Mind, which is not human or god, Western culture’s deep sleep is also the seed of profound awakening. For “Original Mind” to be pierced through, despite our deep slumber, could usher in another contemplative age for a planetary culture. Perhaps as our industrial, economic-driven civilization starts fraying at the seams, it will come in contact with the mystery, that same Mysterious eternal that all cultures are born from, and return to.

For at death time rolls over into timeless being, like the in-and-out breath that generates the world and all phenomenon. Gebser said that either modern humanity will be fulfilled in time (our demise), or fulfill time; the ever-present origin. So perhaps coming in contact with the true nature of time, the Ever-Present, will be the code of our culture’s release and transformation.

Remember that Dogen himself said that “being” and “time” are not separate. We say that “all things are one,” yet “all times are one” also.

In love there is no true separation, but don’t mistake that for no-distinction. It is this love which allows all things to exist. This love, this time consummates all ages and eras, including our secular age and times that have “come and gone,” are each and all redeemed.


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