Take Your World and Be It a Tomb

The seasons, they turn
My lungs are filled with the warmth of spring unborn

What a spring this will be,
in the stars
I feel it
What vast expanse
What transformations await?

I come again to the place of unknowing,
with boundaries uncertain
and territories vast

in this time, empires deflate
and new dreams are born.

Where do these dreams come from,
and where do they go?

Ask Sumer
as it whispers
Ask falling Empires as
they watch their shadows rise.

I hear my own shadow rising,
in the whispers of my solitude
“Bear me
through this dark night,
so you might hear the song of songs.”

The shadow rises; “bear me in your slumber,
your deepened hearts,
I come now at the edge of night,
where the stars have gone to hiding.”

“You have sought to climb
the highest peak,
but have crawled in a pit of
You, great cities,
who have built empires of doom

like the pyramids were built
for the pharaoh,
you construct magnificence
only to cross over.
Yet you do not know it.

Take your cities, your civilizations,
Take your world and be it a tomb.
You have forgotten the price
of transformation is death.

To those who fear me, I am Lilith
I am Kali
Destroyer of all that is False;
I dance upon the Pyramid sands.

To those who have passed in and out of the lifetimes,
I am the bringer of change and the revelation
of all that is True.”

All this my shadow whispered to me,
as I reached into the quiet place,
where no stars sign
closer even, to the unseen dawn.


One thought on “Take Your World and Be It a Tomb

  1. Absolutely spot on, inspired and concise summary of the state of reality and our current place in the spiral of being.
    Kudos and much respect, from my quiet place on the edge of our shared pool of unconsciousness
    take care

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