“I was a shaman, on my own in a religious jungle.” – Alan Watts

I’m a MA student at Goddard College, doing a consciousness studies program. This blog documents my dabblings in spiritual practice and study; especially on the subject of the evolution of consciousness. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. In case this comment makes through… cool blog. I am learning international youthwork and doing martial arts In Estonia. I’m interesting in things nondual spirit, martial arts, eastern stuff like you, and a lot of other things. It is cool if an agreeing response to your article about Bruce Lee gets through. Maybe there is a delay with repsonses. I just posted it as an addition to these thoughts that you have cultivated about the man that was Bruce Lee.

  2. Hello, just dropped by as I saw you added my newsfeed twitter – istaranews – I just wanted to mention that I may be adding more stuff to this (via http://www.twitterfeed.com) that isn’t related to your interests.

    You’re totally welcome to keep following, but I didn’t want you to end up thinking it was some kind of spam feed. Basically I set it up to be a news feed for topics of interest to me (much like the Reuters Twitter feed) that I could subscribe to from my regular twitter account (istara). I didn’t want to send these topics to my actual account, as that would send them on to all of my followers. Hope this makes sense 😉

    Therefore so far the only thing istarafeed tweets is the RSS results of a Twitter search on “richard dawkins” but it will eventually include other topics.

  3. Hi! If you dont mind..I have added you in my lists.
    I’ve been looking on the internet for people who are passionate abt understanding the ‘truth’ or evolving .
    Raising Consciousness and exploring various modes of consciousness are my interests.

  4. Thanks Leslee! This blog is like an old garden project for me. It’s been so longs since I’ve updated it and cared for the greens that grow there, so much of her has returned to nature. I hope you enjoy the older posts and musings I’ve left here. I now run another website, Evolutionary Landscapes.net, if you wish to check that out as well. Either way, I’m grateful for your follow and I’ll check out your websites!

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