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Sacred Walls

“…there is a spirit world where all the animals come from and the walls of the cave were actually meant to be a translucent membrane that you can see through into this misty spirit world where these ancient animal spirits live. When the painter is making contact with the wall using the paint, he’s dissolving … Continue reading


The World has a Soul, a living vitality in all of its creatures, including the human being. It is through the human being that this Soul can manifest more of itself into the world. Though we are intimately a part of this vast Spirit, we have forgotten our connection. Because of our forgetfulness, we have … Continue reading

Heart, Mind and Theory

I think the only real problem with any theory, or practice, is that it is in constant danger of trapping the user in a fixed system. When we catch a glimpse of the divine, and see how it influences our universe through some underlying patterns, we might attempt to “master,” that wave. On occasion, we … Continue reading