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Sovereignty & Silence

“being sovereign wherever you are and using that place as your seat of awakening.” – Master Linji Tricycle has recently posted an excerpt from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Nothing to Do, Nowhere to Go (2007). I haven’t read the book itself but after this I would like to. Here’s something that really stood out for me: … Continue reading

Desert of the Soul

Brother, sister, I feel compelled to tell you. Forgive my outburst, my emotions are at such a high. I have come to tell you of the pact we had made, long before our births in this world. How we had tucked our wings and received clubs and hammers in their stead. How we descended, stone by … Continue reading

On the Most Distant Shore

There is a gentle luring tide that beckons the very rocks to resonate with the sound of life, to move all that is around them to the rudimentary forms of animation. It is this “Call,” it is a sound that we must have ears to hear, it is the “Hymn of the Universe.” Spirit lulls … Continue reading

Accessibility of message.

Alot of the things being said about philosophy, transformation and consciousness might in language be less accessible. Each philosopher or teacher has their own way of expressing it, and then again some people may recognize it without being able to teach it. I think this is OK, because if there is one thing that often … Continue reading