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Big Sit and Integral Practice

As the Big Sit continues, I find myself exploring not only mental and spiritual practice but also physical. In the mornings, I’ve started to do basic exercise and stretching. It’s strange but not surprising, as the weeks went on during the Big Sit, my body seemed to be clearly telling me things: exercise! Eat right! … Continue reading

No Water, No Moon

As described by the Zen Koan, When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time. At last one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke and the bottom fell out of the … Continue reading

Day One

Today begins the Big Sit. How are you managing? I had a crazy day, but tried to be mindful even during work/class. It definitely helped me not fall into a pit of boredom. Tonight: Reading The Three Pillars of Zen and meditating with tea, and then sleepytime. I think it’s important to keep your practice … Continue reading