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Two Minds, one Self

“Ego and empire are co-dependantly originating psychological structures.” -WI Thompson One of the more interesting theories developed on the brain is that of the “Bicameral Mind.” The theory goes that our modern form of consciousness originated not in prehistory, but roughly around the period of the Axial age. Until then, the Right brain was ruler. A … Continue reading

Spiritual Evolution

The old reptilian brain is the snake; it is the brain of the instinctive, the unconscious, the depository of millions of years of evolution. The second brain is the limbic ring, the mammalian brain of “fight or flight,” of emotion and a highly developed olfactory sense as a way of perceiving the environment. This limbic … Continue reading

“Big Hips = Big Brains?”

A new article I just found on Digg: Intelligent Humans Evolved Because of Big-Hipped Ancestors. It’s interesting, but I think it’s also a little misleading. Why? Because our intelligence certainly has more to do with a few variables than merely big hips. In fact, I am certain there are a number of different converging variables … Continue reading

What Meditation Does to Your Brain

Following up on the previous blog about meditation, I’ve been digging around for some interesting links on how meditative states correlate with brain waves. Here’s a basic rundown on how: (Graph from crystalinks) The brain itself emits electromagnetic energy, and this brain activity differs according to its state (sleeping, awake, thinking etc). There is a … Continue reading