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Alan Watts on Science, Christianity:

“There’s a kind of a plan, and everything responds and obeys that plan. In the 18th century, Western Intellectuals began to suspect this idea. What they suspected is, whether there is a law maker, an architect of the universe… and they found out, or they reasoned, because you don’t have to suppose that there is. … Continue reading

All in all, or a forgotten Christian teaching.

Early Christianity was a diverse and mystical religion, with varying interpretations of scripture. Origen was a Christian theologian who believed every part of creation would eventually be returned to God, even Satan. He also believed in reincarnation. Interestingly, at the Council of Nicea, Origen’s views on reincarnation lost by one vote. “Unlike many contemporary Christian … Continue reading

“Jesus and His Religion,” Alan Watts.

Translation “I am a son of God,” well there’s the whole thing in a nutshell. If you read the King James Bible… You will see in italics, in front of the words “son of God,” the “son of God.” Most people think the italics are for emphasis. They’re not. The italics indicate words interpolated by … Continue reading

“Hymn of the Universe.”

“Son of earth, steep yourself in the sea of matter, bathe in its fiery waters, for it is the source of your life and youthfulness. You thought you could do without it because the power of thought has been kindled in you? You hoped that the more thoroughly you rejected the tangible, the closer you … Continue reading

Zen and Christians, afraid to love?

Clergyman defends his Zen Buddhist practices. Conservatives in the Episcopal Church of the US are demanding that Rev Kevin Thew Forrester, a priest of the diocese of Northern Michigan, be barred from the episcopate because he received a “lay ordination” from a Buddhist group. Strange how so much misunderstanding stems from when we see something … Continue reading

God evolves, consciousness evolves.

Consciousness evolves: Stuart Davis recently wrote a blog, “Five Things Religion-Haters Should Know,” where he succinctly points out that, “The ‘answer’ to fundamentalism is not to get rid of Religion, but to get religion to evolve.” I couldn’t agree more. While I’m all for modern writers, scientists and philosophers pointing out the embarrassing trends of … Continue reading

Buddhism, Christianity and Science.

Would it make sense to suggest that religion should encourage a healthy dialogue between its knowledge and wisdom on one hand, and scientific inquiry on the other? For instance, Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns have recently added scientific knowledge to their studies, in addition to traditional studies (Buddhist philosophy, meditation, debating, etc). Monks are literally … Continue reading