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Weaving the Sacred Web

It’s obvious that aside from the great potential the internet has, there is also a great deal of negativity, trolling, and destructive behavior online as well. The internet is a manifestation, a reflection of our state of being. I believe this is an important thing to keep in mind as the evolution of technology continues … Continue reading

Compassionate Challenge for Integral

This was originally posted on Integral Life. The topic is how the integral community may creatively engage the mainstream. It turned out to be a bit of a critique as well. Feedback here or at integral life is much appreciated! To sum up everything I whole heartedly feel: Focus on the content, not the framing … Continue reading

Zen and Christians, afraid to love?

Clergyman defends his Zen Buddhist practices. Conservatives in the Episcopal Church of the US are demanding that Rev Kevin Thew Forrester, a priest of the diocese of Northern Michigan, be barred from the episcopate because he received a “lay ordination” from a Buddhist group. Strange how so much misunderstanding stems from when we see something … Continue reading

Just watched Bob Thurman’s TED talk

These past few days I’ve got a bad case of sinusitis, so I’ve been lying low, drinking tea and watching TED talks. Bob Thurman’s video really struck me last night. He refers to the Dalai Lama as “rather Jolly,” but Thuman appears to be jolly in his own eccentric way, too! He mentioned something rather … Continue reading