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Some new writing..

This was written on the Evolutionary Landscape’s twitter: Contemplative practice is not being silent for the sake of a quiet mind. It is seeing through, like a dart piecing beyond the veil. Gnosis is the “spiritual intellect.” A knowing, a being-in-truth. It’s important to remember this is at the heart of contemplation. Be you East … Continue reading

Jean Gebser on Integral Consciousness

The following gems are excerpts from Feuerstein’s “Structures of Consciousness,” an overview of Jean Gebser’s theories and life’s work. It’s a nice list comparing the “postmodern” or Western psyche’s transition from its state of “deficiency” to a new, more whole state of being. It’s definitely something to print out and place on your wall: Haste … Continue reading

Cosmic Waters

Went to Coney Island Aquarium today. Does a jellyfish have a mind of sorts? An array of nerves and cells that move in such dazzling harmony without a brain as we imagine, but it’s world is full of life, dynamics and response. Thought I’d share this picture. It’s sort of Zen! The sea is our … Continue reading

A Lotus for the World

“Yaeko: Truly I see that there are degrees of depth in enlightenment. Roshi: Yes, but few know that significant fact.” – 3 Pillars of Zen, Yaeko Iwasaki’s Enlightenment Letters to Harada Roshi That was a passage taken from a wonderful chapter in 3 Pillars of Zen. Yaeko was what I consider to be a 20th … Continue reading

Two Minds, one Self

“Ego and empire are co-dependantly originating psychological structures.” -WI Thompson One of the more interesting theories developed on the brain is that of the “Bicameral Mind.” The theory goes that our modern form of consciousness originated not in prehistory, but roughly around the period of the Axial age. Until then, the Right brain was ruler. A … Continue reading

Mind & Imagination

“If Mind is more than a tight rationality locked up in an ego that is “simply located” in an information-processing brain, then all this darkness we associate with the irrational or the unconscious is simply our inability to conceive of the other dimensional extensions of Mind as the “organization of the living.” If we begin … Continue reading

Evolution, Enlightenment

Consciousness, evolution, enlightenment – these are interpenetrating and always have been. There is a dreamer of this world, who else could it be but our Self? We’ve been here, timelessly. We’ve partaken in the birth and death of countless stars before we took our part in the evolution of life on Earth. We were the … Continue reading

The Mind a Flower

Our minds are born with a kind of natural intelligence, so that dreams are packed with meaning infused and intwined with symbols and images, sprouting up from the unconscious. This kind of Mind, which we all have, cannot be controlled or coaxed, limited or broken apart. When we attempt to do so, self-knowledge shrinks from … Continue reading

Patterns in time, footnotes to Cosmos & Psyche

“I gradually gained the distinct impression that in some sense everything that occurs during one alignment is implicitly present and contributing to every subsequent one, as if it were a continuing and cumulative historical development.” – Richard Tarnas I’m right about in the middle of Cosmos and Psyche. Thought I’d drop a few interesting discoveries … Continue reading