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An organic philosophy?

In the last blog I was mentioning the need in the integral philosophy, and in philosophy in general, to cultivate some kind of more natural philosophy. By natural I don’t mean, “natural sciences,” although it is intricately connected to that subject. What it really means is acknowledging, I think, three major points: The first is … Continue reading

The Cosmic Seasons

A few days ago on reddit, there was an interesting link to this wiki page: Yuga; the name of an epoch or ega within a cycle of four ages.  The cyclical nature of Hindu cosmology is very interesting, because here you have another example of ancient civilizations intuiting a cosmic pattern of birth and death, … Continue reading

Structures of the Cosmos

Just watched George Smoot on the Design of the Universe. If you haven’t seen this yet, definitely check it out. To sum it up, Smoot has used super computers to create incredible simulations of the universe. We have enough data now, and our computers are just powerful enough to begin to generate awe-inspiring cosmologies. Just … Continue reading