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Alan Watts on Science, Christianity:

“There’s a kind of a plan, and everything responds and obeys that plan. In the 18th century, Western Intellectuals began to suspect this idea. What they suspected is, whether there is a law maker, an architect of the universe… and they found out, or they reasoned, because you don’t have to suppose that there is. … Continue reading

Evolving Religion, Evolving World

Integral Life has just uploaded a number of longer content videos on Vimeo. This is great, because some of the stuff gets hasn’t been seen before and it gets into more detail. Wilber asks, is Buddhism Evolving? What’s the relationship, he asks, between evolution of our reality and the dimension of reality that is beyond … Continue reading

Scientific Narratives of Human Origins

…scientific narratives of human origins are myths and, in their deep structure, are recursively involved with other religious or weird and crazy narratives of human origins that exist in the hypertext spaces of our culture. When we line them all up and read them as mythic narratives of human identity, then more complex cognitive structures … Continue reading

An organic philosophy?

In the last blog I was mentioning the need in the integral philosophy, and in philosophy in general, to cultivate some kind of more natural philosophy. By natural I don’t mean, “natural sciences,” although it is intricately connected to that subject. What it really means is acknowledging, I think, three major points: The first is … Continue reading

“The heart of the matter is that we are living in a culture which has been hypnotized with symbols- words, numbers, measures, quantities and images- and that we mistake them for, and prefer them to, physical reality. We believe that the proof of the pudding is in the chemical analysis, not in the eating. This … Continue reading