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Jean Gebser on Integral Consciousness

The following gems are excerpts from Feuerstein’s “Structures of Consciousness,” an overview of Jean Gebser’s theories and life’s work. It’s a nice list comparing the “postmodern” or Western psyche’s transition from its state of “deficiency” to a new, more whole state of being. It’s definitely something to print out and place on your wall: Haste … Continue reading

Mind-Jazz, a look into William Irwin Thompson.

I’m not exactly sure where to begin here, so I’ll start with the basics: Thompson is a social theorist, philosopher, a cultural critic and a poet. His books, in particular, focus on cultural history and myth. You’ll find the style is a bit all-over-the-place, yet somehow all the pieces weave together like tapestry. He has … Continue reading

Transformation of Mind with Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo had a fascinating and mystical description for where humanity was headed. He describes an evolution of consciousness, whereby a higher reality, or Light-Consciousness, was the next major evolutionary transformation. The old, rational mind, searching for “truth,” would become the Higher Mind, a being-in-truth. Humanity would become an over-flowing of Being, expressing higher realities … Continue reading

Towards an Integral age and a Planetary Consciousness

I’ve come across a few interesting “diagrams,” or visual representations that relate to our experience of reality. The first one is my favorite: 1. The Enneagrammatic circuit: In particular, I appreciate how each symbol is represents a sensory experience in our awareness: touch, sight, thought, smell, etc. Also abundantly apparent is the idea that, “all … Continue reading

What is integral?

So this is a quick reflection about the integral philosophy, mostly associated with but not limited to Ken Wilber. What is integral? To me, the most important aspect to this is what integral points out; release from our fixation of “things.” One of the most important claims integral makes is that its own stage of … Continue reading

Compassionate Challenge for Integral

This was originally posted on Integral Life. The topic is how the integral community may creatively engage the mainstream. It turned out to be a bit of a critique as well. Feedback here or at integral life is much appreciated! To sum up everything I whole heartedly feel: Focus on the content, not the framing … Continue reading

Ice King.

O, the King stood tall against the Winds And asked, “Have I not built a grand kingdom, worthy of the Lord of Lords? Day may become the eve’ And my Kingdom should stand even in distant seasons!” But Winter came, And The King shivered his first, “Tighten the doors, build the fires! Keep the warmth … Continue reading

Is integral an open source project?

Terry Patten just posted this newsletter, “Exploring Big Questions in the Integral World.” I’m sort of glad that these are being brought up in the first place. Patten says integral themes are emerging naturally around the world, a “loosely-defined Integral movement seems to have appeared, and within it, the related field of Integral spirituality.” Cool! … Continue reading