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Consciousness Studies

A few days ago I received an email notifying me that I was accepted to Goddard College’s MA program! I’ll do my best to document the experience and share my studies via blogging. It’s a unique school in that you only attend Goddard’s physical location for about a week, where you work intensively with your … Continue reading

Jean Gebser on Integral Consciousness

The following gems are excerpts from Feuerstein’s “Structures of Consciousness,” an overview of Jean Gebser’s theories and life’s work. It’s a nice list comparing the “postmodern” or Western psyche’s transition from its state of “deficiency” to a new, more whole state of being. It’s definitely something to print out and place on your wall: Haste … Continue reading

Be here now.

“When the Mexicans in their deficient mythical-magic structure encountered the mentally-oriented Spaniards, the magic-mythic power failed in the face of mental strength; clan consciousness failed in the face of the individualized ego-consciousness. If an integral man were to encounter a deficient mental man, would not deficient material power fail in the face of integral strength? … Continue reading