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Consciousness Studies

A few days ago I received an email notifying me that I was accepted to Goddard College’s MA program! I’ll do my best to document the experience and share my studies via blogging. It’s a unique school in that you only attend Goddard’s physical location for about a week, where you work intensively with your … Continue reading

A Lotus for the World

“Yaeko: Truly I see that there are degrees of depth in enlightenment. Roshi: Yes, but few know that significant fact.” – 3 Pillars of Zen, Yaeko Iwasaki’s Enlightenment Letters to Harada Roshi That was a passage taken from a wonderful chapter in 3 Pillars of Zen. Yaeko was what I consider to be a 20th … Continue reading

A Brief History of Wilber

This is not meant to be a satirical summation. Recently I published “A Gnostic Interpretation of Spiral Dynamics.” This subsequently turned my eye towards Wilber’s theories themselves in search of latent mythopoeic language. It can be fun to search through texts and “uncover” the hidden dimensions of a story teller’s narration. This is exactly what … Continue reading

Evolving Religion, Evolving World

Integral Life has just uploaded a number of longer content videos on Vimeo. This is great, because some of the stuff gets hasn’t been seen before and it gets into more detail. Wilber asks, is Buddhism Evolving? What’s the relationship, he asks, between evolution of our reality and the dimension of reality that is beyond … Continue reading

Mind-Jazz, a look into William Irwin Thompson.

I’m not exactly sure where to begin here, so I’ll start with the basics: Thompson is a social theorist, philosopher, a cultural critic and a poet. His books, in particular, focus on cultural history and myth. You’ll find the style is a bit all-over-the-place, yet somehow all the pieces weave together like tapestry. He has … Continue reading

“Yasutani Roshi once said, speaking of …

“Yasutani Roshi once said, speaking of satori, that it was the most precious realization in the world, because all the great philosophers had tried to understand ultimate reality but failed to do so, yet with satori or awakening all your deepest questions are finally answered: it’s just this.” Ken Wilber, “One Tast” pg. 112

What is integral?

So this is a quick reflection about the integral philosophy, mostly associated with but not limited to Ken Wilber. What is integral? To me, the most important aspect to this is what integral points out; release from our fixation of “things.” One of the most important claims integral makes is that its own stage of … Continue reading

Is integral an open source project?

Terry Patten just posted this newsletter, “Exploring Big Questions in the Integral World.” I’m sort of glad that these are being brought up in the first place. Patten says integral themes are emerging naturally around the world, a “loosely-defined Integral movement seems to have appeared, and within it, the related field of Integral spirituality.” Cool! … Continue reading