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Wholes and parts, Manuel Delanda, organic philosophy…

Following the philosophy of Deleuze, Manuel Delanda has explored a more sophisticated, messier and non-linear nature to reality. Mostly uncommon to western thinking, though not absent, is the idea of an organic view of the world: of interconnected processes that don’t necessarily have intention, purpose, that aren’t like cogs in a machine to be broken … Continue reading

“Big Hips = Big Brains?”

A new article I just found on Digg: Intelligent Humans Evolved Because of Big-Hipped Ancestors. It’s interesting, but I think it’s also a little misleading. Why? Because our intelligence certainly has more to do with a few variables than merely big hips. In fact, I am certain there are a number of different converging variables … Continue reading

Reading List:

“1000 Years of Nonlinear History” by Manuel DeLanda. I just cracked open this book last night. It’s surprisingly good for an “academic” book, but I find it totally difficult to explain in one sentence. The pages are arranged very uniquely, with chapters being small font (verdana font, even), and then the first page or two … Continue reading