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The World’s Contemplative Tradition

Suddenly I realized, oh my God. What I’m learning in Buddhist practice is not limited to Buddhism. It’s a universal that’s found all over the world. I came to discover that there was a Jewish meditative tradition and an Islamic meditative tradition. Although the cultures and theologies and practices of these religions vary enormously, and … Continue reading

Contemplatives in the East & the West, h…

Contemplatives in the East & the West, however, have explored the nature of the mind, consciousness, and human identity, and I believe they have illuminated dimensions of reality that remain largely unexplored in the modern world. Religion has become so hung up on doctrine, and science so materialistic, that contemplative methods of inquiry are often … Continue reading

Accessibility of message.

Alot of the things being said about philosophy, transformation and consciousness might in language be less accessible. Each philosopher or teacher has their own way of expressing it, and then again some people may recognize it without being able to teach it. I think this is OK, because if there is one thing that often … Continue reading

B. Alan Wallace and John Searle.

I recently watched a debate between Wallace and Searle, certainly two intellectual giants on the topic of consciousness. Searle is well known for his contribution to the philosophy of mind. He has grappled with the hard questions: what is consciousness? What is the mind? In doing so, he has also become a formidable opponent and … Continue reading

Mindfulness every day.

In Zen, we often here the task of the practitioner is to silence the mind. In modern society this can be very difficult. Gone are the days we can find blocks of quiet time. We are imbedded with technology – cell phones, instant messages, wifi – all wizzing by through the air. Yet, even in … Continue reading

Work, writing, fiction…Zen.

As the Big Sit continues, I find a part of myself that is hyper-rationalizing. Also, I find that this part of myself, to some degree, is a response to the environment: the explosion of available material (library books, gift cards to book stores), and schoolwork. My head, however, issued a warning as of late: Past … Continue reading

B. Allan Wallace on Free Will

I’ve just begun listening to this as my dharma-talk for the day. Feel free to enjoy it as well. Allan Wallace is a Tibetan Buddhist and a philosopher in his own right. He begins with a great mindfulness meditation, appropriate for daily meditators. Boiling down part one, he asks: In the west, we are so … Continue reading

No Water, No Moon

As described by the Zen Koan, When the nun Chiyono studied Zen under Bukko of Engaku she was unable to attain the fruits of meditation for a long time. At last one moonlit night she was carrying water in an old pail bound with bamboo. The bamboo broke and the bottom fell out of the … Continue reading

Day One

Today begins the Big Sit. How are you managing? I had a crazy day, but tried to be mindful even during work/class. It definitely helped me not fall into a pit of boredom. Tonight: Reading The Three Pillars of Zen and meditating with tea, and then sleepytime. I think it’s important to keep your practice … Continue reading