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Contemplatives in the East & the West, h…

Contemplatives in the East & the West, however, have explored the nature of the mind, consciousness, and human identity, and I believe they have illuminated dimensions of reality that remain largely unexplored in the modern world. Religion has become so hung up on doctrine, and science so materialistic, that contemplative methods of inquiry are often … Continue reading

Book run!

Just picked up a few interesting books from Barnes and Noble: Eastern Body, Western Mind, by Anodea Judith. This one looks amazing! A large volume that takes you through personal growth and evolution, via the spiritual chakra systems. I’m very excited to learn and read from this. Mind in the Balance, by B. Alan Wallace. … Continue reading

B. Alan Wallace and John Searle.

I recently watched a debate between Wallace and Searle, certainly two intellectual giants on the topic of consciousness. Searle is well known for his contribution to the philosophy of mind. He has grappled with the hard questions: what is consciousness? What is the mind? In doing so, he has also become a formidable opponent and … Continue reading