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In the Wake of Stars

How many times will I come into being and fall away? How many times will I ride time into being, only to fall away like that fading star? My mind is not my own, so I learn to die again and again to that great unknown. The I that sees has dreamed every star perceived,┬áincluding … Continue reading


There is no “leading edge” aside from the present moment. Home is where all things come and go. If you want to understand the rest, rest your wandering soul and turn towards who you already are. Offer time in the tabernacle (dwelling place) of the present moment. Learn where insights come from and return to … Continue reading

Weaving the Sacred Web

It’s obvious that aside from the great potential the internet has, there is also a great deal of negativity, trolling, and destructive behavior online as well. The internet is a manifestation, a reflection of our state of being. I believe this is an important thing to keep in mind as the evolution of technology continues … Continue reading

Big Sit and Integral Practice

As the Big Sit continues, I find myself exploring not only mental and spiritual practice but also physical. In the mornings, I’ve started to do basic exercise and stretching. It’s strange but not surprising, as the weeks went on during the Big Sit, my body seemed to be clearly telling me things: exercise! Eat right! … Continue reading

Mindfulness every day.

In Zen, we often here the task of the practitioner is to silence the mind. In modern society this can be very difficult. Gone are the days we can find blocks of quiet time. We are imbedded with technology – cell phones, instant messages, wifi – all wizzing by through the air. Yet, even in … Continue reading