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D.T. Suzuki on Eastern Mysticism:

When I say that the East is mystical, I do not mean that the East is fantastic, irrational and altogether impossible to bring within the sphere of intellectual comprehension. What I mean is simply that in the working of the Eastern mind there is something calm, quiet, silent, un-disturbable, which appears as if always looking … Continue reading

Lapis Philosophorum

The philosophers stone, Found somewhere between silence and sound tells the story of all silence and all sound tells the story of no silence and no sound it is the crux of the world the pillar of the soul that floats in a sea of calm abiding and roaring storm Tell me the code, dear … Continue reading

Unus Mundi, a poem:

In deep sleep, from the realm of dreaming I step, perhaps by mis-step or fate, into the realm of light. In this place my soul turns each way and there found is a lifetime, diamonds of wisdom and pearls of worlds, echoing with the song of songs. It is the greater life of a Soul … Continue reading

New and Old

The heart of many spiritual traditions has yet to be entered. There’s a lot of talk today about moving beyond religion and traditional spirituality, and I can definitely relate to that. But I think we don’t really understand, when we say things like that, the heart of any religion has a mystery at its center … Continue reading

Still Travels

Just finished reading William Irwin Thompson’s book of poetry, “Still Travels.” In it he reveals he is a mystic liken to Steiner or Jung, but leaning more towards Steiner. Though in most of his philosophical work he drops a hint of his experiences, he appears to feel at home in poetry. Can’t blame him! Poetry … Continue reading

The Death of the Hero

More than halfway through Coming into Being, I’m having a great time discovering the multiple layers of depth within a single folk tale. As Thompson is pointing out, it is like excavating the layers of a cultural ecology that surrounds and embodies us, even to this day. In early human history, the sacred was represented … Continue reading

Practical Mysticism

Therefore it is to a practical mysticism that the practical man is here invited: to a training of his latent faculties, a bracing and brightening of his languid consciousness, an emancipation from the fetters of appearance, a turning of his attention to new levels of the world. Thus he may become aware of the universe … Continue reading

Thoughts on an Integral World essay, “Tangled Phone Lines: Why Richard Dawkins Hung up on Ken Wilber”

I sometimes browse through Integral World, reading interesting critiques and sometimes just plain nasty ones. This article started out interesting, “I don’t necessarily think that mystics and skeptics should depart company and go on their respective ways…” the author writes in the beginning. The relationship between science and mysticism is fascinating to me, so the … Continue reading