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Two Minds, one Self

“Ego and empire are co-dependantly originating psychological structures.” -WI Thompson One of the more interesting theories developed on the brain is that of the “Bicameral Mind.” The theory goes that our modern form of consciousness originated not in prehistory, but roughly around the period of the Axial age. Until then, the Right brain was ruler. A … Continue reading

Circumnavigate the Self

There is a kind of psychic landscape which humans have been exploring for centuries. Ancient sailors that began to explore the globe, to navigate the furthest uncharted waters weren’t merely unveiling the physical world. They were also uncovering and meshing a kind of psychic thread that would be the very seedlings of a world culture. … Continue reading

Noosphere evolution, our foremost prospect?

I’ve been reading Wilber while on vacation. Its been a nice way to relax, contemplate and shake off too many ideas, leaving behind a few interesting gems. In particular, Wilber mentions in “SES,” that the emergence of civil liberties, particularly women’s rights, was because of a conceptual evolution. Human time, energy and attention for the … Continue reading