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Take Your World and Be It a Tomb

The seasons, they turn My lungs are filled with the warmth of spring unborn What a spring this will be, in the stars I feel it What vast expanse What transformations await? I come again to the place of unknowing, with boundaries uncertain and territories vast in this time, empires deflate and new dreams are … Continue reading

Lapis Philosophorum

The philosophers stone, Found somewhere between silence and sound tells the story of all silence and all sound tells the story of no silence and no sound it is the crux of the world the pillar of the soul that floats in a sea of calm abiding and roaring storm Tell me the code, dear … Continue reading

Unus Mundi, a poem:

In deep sleep, from the realm of dreaming I step, perhaps by mis-step or fate, into the realm of light. In this place my soul turns each way and there found is a lifetime, diamonds of wisdom and pearls of worlds, echoing with the song of songs. It is the greater life of a Soul … Continue reading

Still Travels

Just finished reading William Irwin Thompson’s book of poetry, “Still Travels.” In it he reveals he is a mystic liken to Steiner or Jung, but leaning more towards Steiner. Though in most of his philosophical work he drops a hint of his experiences, he appears to feel at home in poetry. Can’t blame him! Poetry … Continue reading

In the Wake of Stars

How many times will I come into being and fall away? How many times will I ride time into being, only to fall away like that fading star? My mind is not my own, so I learn to die again and again to that great unknown. The I that sees has dreamed every star perceived,¬†including … Continue reading

Waves to the Shore

Part of my pain is me unconsciously  holding on to the experience. That is beginning to break up Like waves to the shore I will come again and again to this place and each time learn to let go.


There is no “leading edge” aside from the present moment. Home is where all things come and go. If you want to understand the rest, rest your wandering soul and turn towards who you already are. Offer time in the tabernacle (dwelling place) of the present moment. Learn where insights come from and return to … Continue reading

Evolution, Enlightenment

Consciousness, evolution, enlightenment – these are interpenetrating and always have been. There is a dreamer of this world, who else could it be but our Self? We’ve been here, timelessly. We’ve partaken in the birth and death of countless stars before we took our part in the evolution of life on Earth. We were the … Continue reading