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Accessibility of message.

Alot of the things being said about philosophy, transformation and consciousness might in language be less accessible. Each philosopher or teacher has their own way of expressing it, and then again some people may recognize it without being able to teach it. I think this is OK, because if there is one thing that often … Continue reading

Big Sit and Integral Practice

As the Big Sit continues, I find myself exploring not only mental and spiritual practice but also physical. In the mornings, I’ve started to do basic exercise and stretching. It’s strange but not surprising, as the weeks went on during the Big Sit, my body seemed to be clearly telling me things: exercise! Eat right! … Continue reading

The Big Sit

Tricycle is offering a challenge for us: Sit for 90 days. By that, of course, they mean meditate. It’s the first I’ve heard of this tradition, but apparently they have a 90 day meditation challenge, and an outline or guideline on how to do it:   Sit in formal meditation for 20 minutes each day. • … Continue reading