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The Mind a Flower

Our minds are born with a kind of natural intelligence, so that dreams are packed with meaning infused and intwined with symbols and images, sprouting up from the unconscious. This kind of Mind, which we all have, cannot be controlled or coaxed, limited or broken apart. When we attempt to do so, self-knowledge shrinks from … Continue reading

Knowledge & the Unknown

We build our own kingdoms, brick by brick. We lay the foundations of our subjective experience, interpreting all, assimilating all. Safe, comfortable, known. But part of the journey is also not becoming lost in the canvas of our own creation. Unconscious dreaming and conscious dreaming ring a bell here—how can we gain more lucidity in … Continue reading

Carl Jung and the Nature of the Psyche.

There are these peculiar faculties of the psyche…that it isn’t entirely confined to space and time. You can have dreams or visions of the future. You can see around corners and such things. Only ignorants deny these facts. Its quite evident that they do exist and have existed always. Now these facts show that the … Continue reading