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New and Old

The heart of many spiritual traditions has yet to be entered. There’s a lot of talk today about moving beyond religion and traditional spirituality, and I can definitely relate to that. But I think we don’t really understand, when we say things like that, the heart of any religion has a mystery at its center … Continue reading

Scientific Narratives of Human Origins

…scientific narratives of human origins are myths and, in their deep structure, are recursively involved with other religious or weird and crazy narratives of human origins that exist in the hypertext spaces of our culture. When we line them all up and read them as mythic narratives of human identity, then more complex cognitive structures … Continue reading

Time to Wake up! With Robert Anton Wilson.

Good morning! If you take history on this planet at starting at midnight…then it is now 8 o’clock in the morning, and it’s time for us to wake up, because we’ve been operating on auto-pilot up until now. And there are signs of planetary awakening. Domesticated primate psychology [humanity] is pretty much the same as … Continue reading

All in all, or a forgotten Christian teaching.

Early Christianity was a diverse and mystical religion, with varying interpretations of scripture. Origen was a Christian theologian who believed every part of creation would eventually be returned to God, even Satan. He also believed in reincarnation. Interestingly, at the Council of Nicea, Origen’s views on reincarnation lost by one vote. “Unlike many contemporary Christian … Continue reading

“Jesus and His Religion,” Alan Watts.

Translation “I am a son of God,” well there’s the whole thing in a nutshell. If you read the King James Bible… You will see in italics, in front of the words “son of God,” the “son of God.” Most people think the italics are for emphasis. They’re not. The italics indicate words interpolated by … Continue reading

The Mysticism of East and West.

Teilhard had a unique perspective on evolution and spirituality. Unlike the contemporaries of his time, he saw religion, mysticism and evolution as part of one greater process of unfolding, groping towards some unity with the Godhead. A new kind of faith, which saw an attainable future “unity” with God, a glorious “Kingdom of Heaven” on … Continue reading

God evolves, consciousness evolves.

Consciousness evolves: Stuart Davis recently wrote a blog, “Five Things Religion-Haters Should Know,” where he succinctly points out that, “The ‘answer’ to fundamentalism is not to get rid of Religion, but to get religion to evolve.” I couldn’t agree more. While I’m all for modern writers, scientists and philosophers pointing out the embarrassing trends of … Continue reading

Talk of Hypercosmic God…

I’ll open with this, because it certainly caught my attention: “There must exist, beyond mere appearances … a ‘veiled reality’ that science does not describe but only glimpses uncertainly. In turn, contrary to those who claim that matter is the only reality, the possibility that other means, including spirituality, may also provide a window on … Continue reading

Exploring “Rational mysticism”

This blog series will be an analysis and review of the book, Rational Mysticism by John Horgan, which is an attempt to understand mysticism and whether or not it can be grounded (or at least compatible) with science. Horgan interviews a wide variety of writers: perennialists such as Houston Smith, Ken Wilber, scientists like Susan … Continue reading

Religion evolves, because we evolve

In some contemporary philosophies, it’s been easy to dismiss anything spiritual and religious. Why is this the case? Because, more often than not, the spiritual is viewed as and reduced to the primitive and the irrational. Either it’s a relic from ancient societies, or it’s merely brain states, empirically describable (which sounds fine, except for … Continue reading