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“Yasutani Roshi once said, speaking of …

“Yasutani Roshi once said, speaking of satori, that it was the most precious realization in the world, because all the great philosophers had tried to understand ultimate reality but failed to do so, yet with satori or awakening all your deepest questions are finally answered: it’s just this.” Ken Wilber, “One Tast” pg. 112 Advertisements

Be here now.

“When the Mexicans in their deficient mythical-magic structure encountered the mentally-oriented Spaniards, the magic-mythic power failed in the face of mental strength; clan consciousness failed in the face of the individualized ego-consciousness. If an integral man were to encounter a deficient mental man, would not deficient material power fail in the face of integral strength? … Continue reading

Spiritual atheism, additional thoughts…

The following is a comment response I made on Reddit. I think it would be good to qualify with readers about what I mean, exactly. I think this sums it up best when I talk about “spirituality” existing without mythical deities: See, I think our definition of spirituality is not “out there” in the unexplainable. … Continue reading