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Circumnavigate the Self

There is a kind of psychic landscape which humans have been exploring for centuries. Ancient sailors that began to explore the globe, to navigate the furthest uncharted waters weren’t merely unveiling the physical world. They were also uncovering and meshing a kind of psychic thread that would be the very seedlings of a world culture. … Continue reading

What is Ego, anyway?

In my current philosophy class, Freedom and Responsibility, we’re going over some classical but pretty interesting material. One of the major themes that keeps coming up is: the more freedom we have, the more anxiety can arise. This is due to the amount of responsibilities laid upon us, which originally were dealt with by family, … Continue reading

Body Swap–Is the “Self” a trick?

A recent study was successfully able to convince subjects that they were in another body–first by attaching cameras to the head of a dummy, making it look like the subject was seeing through the dummy’s eyes. To further instill the illusion, they touched the subject’s body at the same time and place as the dummy’s. … Continue reading