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The Journey of the Soul

No soul returns to the place it fell from for ten thousand years – it takes that long for wings to grow again… [But] at the completion of the third thousand year circuit, if these souls have chosen the philosophical life three times in succession, they regain their wings and in the three thousandth year … Continue reading

Unus Mundi, a poem:

In deep sleep, from the realm of dreaming I step, perhaps by mis-step or fate, into the realm of light. In this place my soul turns each way and there found is a lifetime, diamonds of wisdom and pearls of worlds, echoing with the song of songs. It is the greater life of a Soul … Continue reading

Desert of the Soul

Brother, sister, I feel compelled to tell you. Forgive my outburst, my emotions are at such a high. I have come to tell you of the pact we had made, long before our births in this world. How we had tucked our wings and received clubs and hammers in their stead. How we descended, stone by … Continue reading