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The Journey of the Soul

No soul returns to the place it fell from for ten thousand years – it takes that long for wings to grow again… [But] at the completion of the third thousand year circuit, if these souls have chosen the philosophical life three times in succession, they regain their wings and in the three thousandth year … Continue reading

80 Questions, a Spiritual Survey.

If you follow SEM on twitter or youtube, you’ll notice that we’ve launched a new collaborative project! Single Eye Movement is working with Sophia Perennis publishing. We have 80 questions that were composed by Marty Glass and Charles Upton. They’re all over the spectrum of spirituality, and you can answer as many as you like, … Continue reading

Spiritual Evolution

The old reptilian brain is the snake; it is the brain of the instinctive, the unconscious, the depository of millions of years of evolution. The second brain is the limbic ring, the mammalian brain of “fight or flight,” of emotion and a highly developed olfactory sense as a way of perceiving the environment. This limbic … Continue reading

Towards an Integral age and a Planetary Consciousness

I’ve come across a few interesting “diagrams,” or visual representations that relate to our experience of reality. The first one is my favorite: 1. The Enneagrammatic circuit: In particular, I appreciate how each symbol is represents a sensory experience in our awareness: touch, sight, thought, smell, etc. Also abundantly apparent is the idea that, “all … Continue reading

Be here now.

“When the Mexicans in their deficient mythical-magic structure encountered the mentally-oriented Spaniards, the magic-mythic power failed in the face of mental strength; clan consciousness failed in the face of the individualized ego-consciousness. If an integral man were to encounter a deficient mental man, would not deficient material power fail in the face of integral strength? … Continue reading