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D.T. Suzuki on Eastern Mysticism:

When I say that the East is mystical, I do not mean that the East is fantastic, irrational and altogether impossible to bring within the sphere of intellectual comprehension. What I mean is simply that in the working of the Eastern mind there is something calm, quiet, silent, un-disturbable, which appears as if always looking … Continue reading

Cosmic Waters

Went to Coney Island Aquarium today. Does a jellyfish have a mind of sorts? An array of nerves and cells that move in such dazzling harmony without a brain as we imagine, but it’s world is full of life, dynamics and response. Thought I’d share this picture. It’s sort of Zen! The sea is our … Continue reading

The World’s Contemplative Tradition

Suddenly I realized, oh my God. What I’m learning in Buddhist practice is not limited to Buddhism. It’s a universal that’s found all over the world. I came to discover that there was a Jewish meditative tradition and an Islamic meditative tradition. Although the cultures and theologies and practices of these religions vary enormously, and … Continue reading

New and Old

The heart of many spiritual traditions has yet to be entered. There’s a lot of talk today about moving beyond religion and traditional spirituality, and I can definitely relate to that. But I think we don’t really understand, when we say things like that, the heart of any religion has a mystery at its center … Continue reading

On the Most Distant Shore

There is a gentle luring tide that beckons the very rocks to resonate with the sound of life, to move all that is around them to the rudimentary forms of animation. It is this “Call,” it is a sound that we must have ears to hear, it is the “Hymn of the Universe.” Spirit lulls … Continue reading

Evolving Religion, Evolving World

Integral Life has just uploaded a number of longer content videos on Vimeo. This is great, because some of the stuff gets hasn’t been seen before and it gets into more detail. Wilber asks, is Buddhism Evolving? What’s the relationship, he asks, between evolution of our reality and the dimension of reality that is beyond … Continue reading

Aztec Heart

Whence I came upon this monstrosity I knew not what speech I ought utter nor actions to take And left upon the hallowed earth the souls of all I had taken An offering for the gods to pacify their rage But from the midst a woman declined upon the altar’s steps and shouted “Warrior, you … Continue reading

The Thinking Mind, or Feynman’s Joy of Not Knowing

I’ve been listening to the catchy Symphony of Science songs, and in light of the stuff I’ve been reading (Aurobindo/Zen literature), it’s given me a new perspective on things. As the scientist Richard Feynman is well known for expressing, there is a joy in not-knowing something. It’s not scary, it’s exciting! There is always something … Continue reading

The Mysticism of East and West.

Teilhard had a unique perspective on evolution and spirituality. Unlike the contemporaries of his time, he saw religion, mysticism and evolution as part of one greater process of unfolding, groping towards some unity with the Godhead. A new kind of faith, which saw an attainable future “unity” with God, a glorious “Kingdom of Heaven” on … Continue reading