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A Lotus for the World

“Yaeko: Truly I see that there are degrees of depth in enlightenment. Roshi: Yes, but few know that significant fact.” – 3 Pillars of Zen, Yaeko Iwasaki’s Enlightenment Letters to Harada Roshi That was a passage taken from a wonderful chapter in 3 Pillars of Zen. Yaeko was what I consider to be a 20th … Continue reading

“…There is no need of a seeking and self…

“…There is no need of a seeking and self-critical ratiocination, no logical motion step by step towards a conclusion, no mechanism of expressed or implied deductions and inferences, no building or deliberate concatenation of idea with idea in order to arrive at an ordered sum or outcome of knowledge: for this limping action of our … Continue reading

Transformation of Mind with Sri Aurobindo.

Sri Aurobindo had a fascinating and mystical description for where humanity was headed. He describes an evolution of consciousness, whereby a higher reality, or Light-Consciousness, was the next major evolutionary transformation. The old, rational mind, searching for “truth,” would become the Higher Mind, a being-in-truth. Humanity would become an over-flowing of Being, expressing higher realities … Continue reading