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Before the Age of the Gods

The air is thin, between realms now we slip; reaching for the god’s return, the age of chaos a gateway to Vico’s age of gods. Chaos is the song of nature; all that cannot be contained; growing wild like the Tao. Now as civilization grows wild and chaotic, we find that culture is an expression … Continue reading

Digital Hermitage

No matter how far I may roam, in the passing wind, in the dancing tree–there again I find myself suddenly home. The old religions sang of Mother Goddess, the womb of creation, from which all things are borrowed and return to. My breath is borrowed, my body the exhalation of my Soul. Here in this … Continue reading

Quote of the Day:

“All ‘things’ and all sentiments are interpretations only, and interpretations cannot be real in any sense. If this is understood with insight it becomes clear that only mindĀ is, that it is an impersonal non-entity, and that whoever is conscious of this is this and nothing else.” –Wei Wu Wei on ThisnessĀ