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Re-thinking “integral”

Weirdly enough, I’ve recently felt disconnected from “integral theory” in any form. The question that’s started to be raised in my head was: without the theory, what is integral? I couldn’t think of an answer. Besides a highly abstract/rational system, a meta-theory, what’s left? The answer was just… Here now, however and whichever way human … Continue reading

Compassionate Challenge for Integral

This was originally posted on Integral Life. The topic is how the integral community may creatively engage the mainstream. It turned out to be a bit of a critique as well. Feedback here or at integral life is much appreciated! To sum up everything I whole heartedly feel: Focus on the content, not the framing … Continue reading

Noosphere evolution, our foremost prospect?

I’ve been reading Wilber while on vacation. Its been a nice way to relax, contemplate and shake off too many ideas, leaving behind a few interesting gems. In particular, Wilber mentions in “SES,” that the emergence of civil liberties, particularly women’s rights, was because of a conceptual evolution. Human time, energy and attention for the … Continue reading

What is Ego, anyway?

In my current philosophy class, Freedom and Responsibility, we’re going over some classical but pretty interesting material. One of the major themes that keeps coming up is: the more freedom we have, the more anxiety can arise. This is due to the amount of responsibilities laid upon us, which originally were dealt with by family, … Continue reading

Exploring “Rational mysticism”

This blog series will be an analysis and review of the book, Rational Mysticism by John Horgan, which is an attempt to understand mysticism and whether or not it can be grounded (or at least compatible) with science. Horgan interviews a wide variety of writers: perennialists such as Houston Smith, Ken Wilber, scientists like Susan … Continue reading