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The Death of the Hero

More than halfway through Coming into Being, I’m having a great time discovering the multiple layers of depth within a single folk tale. As Thompson is pointing out, it is like excavating the layers of a cultural ecology that surrounds and embodies us, even to this day. In early human history, the sacred was represented … Continue reading

Mind-Jazz, a look into William Irwin Thompson.

I’m not exactly sure where to begin here, so I’ll start with the basics: Thompson is a social theorist, philosopher, a cultural critic and a poet. His books, in particular, focus on cultural history and myth. You’ll find the style is a bit all-over-the-place, yet somehow all the pieces weave together like tapestry. He has … Continue reading

Weaving the Sacred Web

It’s obvious that aside from the great potential the internet has, there is also a great deal of negativity, trolling, and destructive behavior online as well. The internet is a manifestation, a reflection of our state of being. I believe this is an important thing to keep in mind as the evolution of technology continues … Continue reading