Posted in May 2008

Roots Intwining

This morning I was reading Eckhart Tolle and walking around my background (Big trees surrounding a grass center), and I look up and notice that, our ancestors were lucky to have experienced nature in its expansiveness. While nature is still form, it forces us to come out of our me-ness and look at a world … Continue reading


I’ll make this as short and sweet as I can:  When browsing the new age sections, whether in forums or in bookstores, I noticed a surprising trend: Me.  Sure, the ego appears everywhere anyway, but there’s a particular emphasis. Self-love, self-empowerment. I definitely agree it’s good to have some degree of self-love, but when flipping … Continue reading

Breaking the Spell:

Dennett’s book is good. There’s no working around that. In fact, his writing style is so lively written that I can actually feel the energy he put into the words, the desire for them to make sense and be as reasonable as possible. I think that’s what I may be enjoying the most, honestly, over … Continue reading

School is Out

I’m home for a while now. Classes are done! I’m sitting in my living room by the back door. In the morning, the sun comes in through the back door and windows, in the afternoon it streams in through the front. It’s nice being right int he middle. I sit at the living room table, … Continue reading

Boundaries, Not Really

Even though we may become numb to the outside world, our connection with it never ceases. The level of awareness and sensitivity we have to the universe, inside and out, is always present. This isn’t even meant in a theoretically way. We never truly lose that boundless, vibrant state. We can always move beyond our … Continue reading